Elizabeth Duivenvoorde

A World Without Sun

In a world where there the sun does not shine and women are raised for breeding; is there such thing as order?
The sky is always dark here, the sun does not show itself at all, causing people to have to strive for survival.
Many people die of sickness-mostly women-so babies are very important to have. All this death has made the population decrease.
Some people here are born with 'abilities'. Although there are babies born with abilities, there are only three different types; the Life Seers, Fortune Tellers, and Mind Readers. Most men are born with these
 powers, and a few women. Even if a woman is born with powers, she looses them after giving birth to her first born child.


Age sixteen.
Olli was born in the Breeding Facility. She grew up in the system and became the top breeder. With fifteen kids under her belt between the ages of twelve and sixteen, it's no wonder she became a Reaper.
After escaping the facility, she ended up back in it again. She met her future husband and he helped her escape to the Rebellion.


Age eighteen.
Sam was born in the Breeding Facility. At the age of three, she witnessed her father's death, after he tried killing her. Sam escaped from the Breeding Facility and was trainined to break Olli out too. She did, but Olli ended up back in the facility. Because of this series of events, she found the Rebellion and met her future husband.

Work In Progress

Celton City Map
Celton is where our story takes place in the beginning. It is a dark and corrupt city surrounded by a giant concrete wall.

Celton controls their population with a Breeding system. Children start off in the Daycare Facility, where they stay until they are twelve years of age. Once they reached the age of twelve the girls are sent to the Breeding Facility and the boys are sent to the Men's Sanctum.
Girls stay in the East Wing of the Breeding Facility until they are fourteen, at which point they are brought to the West Wing for breeding until they turn twenty-five and are auctioned off to be married.
Boys, on the other hand, are brought to the Men's Sanctum and remain there until they are sixteen, at which point they are free.
Created by Ren on Fiverr
Created by Ren on Fiverr
World Map
Each City was named after their founder: Emily Paralis, Fabio Celton, Hector Velamoro, Sarah Helthly, And Mira Molfel

Celton is the Breeding city. Although the Breeding System is now shut down they are still known for it.
After the wall came down, Celton shut down their breeding facilities until a new volunteer-based system came out.

Paralis is known as the city that is ruled "by the people, for the people". They elect a new president every two years who's focus is to make life in Paralis blissful.

Velamoro is the city of royalty. There is a king, queen, etc. Everyone dresses like the medieval people did. Although this medieval city seems old-fashioned they are up to date with health codes, plumbing, and electrical privileges. 

Molfel is known for their inbreeding. The city started off very small so it wasn't long until everyone living there was related in some way. They strickly prohibit siblings and other immediate family getting married.

The City of Hope. No one is able to enter unless their a citizen and have a citizen card. They are advanced in everything from health care to schooling to growing food, but they like to be secluded and safe in their tower.

Betweenes are people who have been kicked out of their home cities and exiled to live in the barren wasteland that stretches out between the cities. An exiled prince from Valamero discovered the Betweener HQ building and created the Betweeners. They are known as "Pirates" because they raid cities and kidnap people to steal their medicated blood.
Created by Ren on Fiverr