Elizabeth Duivenvoorde

Unleashed Ink 2

An assortment of short stories and poems written by members of the Barrie Writer's Club.

The stories I have in this anthology;
Shifting Stars
A short story about four siblings traveling across space to a cleaner, uninhabited planet.
Finally Normal
A short story about a couple looking to change who they are to fit in. They soon find out it's not what they want.
How I Died
A short story about a girl's final performance before she meets Death.

Before a Toddler
In the Night

Six Worlds

Reality. The word is loaded. Everybody has a different sense of what it
means, yet we all seem to agree on one thing: reality is not enough.

In an anthology full of diverse universes, six writers craft a medley of
mesmerizing stories that take the reader beyond reality.
So curl up
with your favorite caffeinated beverage and prepare to be taken beyond
what you know as normal. Experience the universe through the eyes of
Candise Mitton, Jim Meeks-Johnson, Elizabeth Duivenvoorde, L.M. Langley,
Matthew J. Rogers, and Masha Leyfer.An assortment of short stories written by a handful of writers.

The story  I have in this anthology;
A Little Bit Of Magic
A short story about an orphan girl who finds a new place to live, new friends, and a new family all before Christmas day.