Elizabeth Duivenvoorde

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Character Artists

Dragu Covers 

Year of the Dragu
Presenting Flair on the front cover, between her human and dragu forms, one can only wonder what is on her mind.
Birth of the Dragu
With Kia on the cover, surounds by smoke, we can only imagin what secrets she's hiding. 

A prequil to Year of the Dragu.

Orphan Covers

This cover presents Ruth in an eligant purple dress with a castle in the background. The foliage frames the cover well and keeps yyour focus in the middle.
Like Orphan, the foliage in this cover does an excilent job of keeping you focus on Penelope. But unlike Ruth, Penelope is walking away from the viewer.

A prequil to Orphan.

​Escape to Wonderland

A beautiful and enchanting cover displaying the Princess of Hearts.
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The Vampire's Fall

From TheBookCoverDesigner.com
A beautiful cosutom cover showing Akantha standing just outside the bourders of the Vampire Kingdom and the Dark Forest.

Cover assembed by Lourdes Blazek.
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Red's Heart

Lovely cover showing Violet in both her human and wolf form, standing in the woods.
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Red's Heart

A dark and mysterious cover, showing violet and who? Herself? Asher? Someone else?

​This cover is to be used for the printed book copies.

Little Pig

Lovely cover showing Violet's cousin, Lilly, behind Asher as a wolf. What's awaiting this young pig farmer? Is she next to be changed into a pork-eater?

Kimberly Avery


Blades of Love 

From Fiverr.com
A beautiful cosutom cover showing our hero and heroin against the side of a rocky wall.

Cover assembed by Kimberly Avery.