Elizabeth Duivenvoorde
Blades of Love

Released March 23, 2017

Lonely hearts recognized each other and their love bloomed as each day passes by….
She was on the run for her life

Azelma Jacques, a beautiful but young Norman lass was on the run for her life. She had overheard a deadly secret. The king’s guards were on her heels and she must keep running or else she would die before the rise of a new dawn.

He vowed not to ever open his heart to love again….

A tragic, heart breaking loss made Andra Jean, leader of the Vikings vow never to open his heart to love again. His Blade and the wars he fought gave him all the pleasures he needed, or so he thought.
Until he met her.
She was almost dying of starvation and thirst, Andra took her to his clan and nursed her back to health.
Two lonely hearts recognized each and passion bloomed between them no matter how hard they both tried to fight it. They found bliss in each other’s arms but it wasn’t for long as she was forcefully wrenched out of his arms. Once again, Andra was faced with the choice of protecting his clan or fighting for the only woman his heart beats for.